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35+ years in specialized public relations strategies


brands like Gatorade, Wilson, Lands' End,
Allen Edmonds, Sage Products, SeeMore Putters


personal, engaging service
with positive "can do" spirit


35+ years in specialized public relations strategies

What separates Macali Communications from the other guys is so simple it’s ingenious…


Macali Communications knows and understands how to make your product or service story relevant, energized and trusted. Learn more.


We know the most powerful traditional and digital or hybrid platforms and places and the most opportune time to tell your story. Scroll down for a small sample of our clients.

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In our hands, your story will reach, resonate with and motivate the most valuable customers and important influencers to take action. Check out our Case Studies.

Our strategies and plans create the impact and results that drive media coverage, traffic and sales.

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Why Macali?

Macali Communications has been in business for years because we know how to deliver results. Isn’t it about time you received a return on your public relations investment dollars?

Kevin Donnellon has 35 years of experience in helping brands and companies grow through public relations strategies with proven results. He has worked for major brands like Gatorade, Wilson, Quaker Oats, Sears, Lands’ End, Brunswick, Frito-Lay, Sage Products, and Miller/Coors and emerging brands like SeeMore Putter Company, Allen Edmonds, Catalyst Golf Performance and GolfTEC.

Kevin and his team knock it out of the park! They create enterprising strategies and actionable plans delivering results that drive business success while providing exceptionally engaging service with a positive entrepreneurial “can do” spirit.

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