Are you frustrated when your new product or service

receives little to no attention?


Are you concerned that your customers cannot tell the difference

between you and your competitors?


Do you know know how to

tell the right story

to the right people?


Aren't you tired of tired of spending money

on PR campaigns that don’t work?


Macali Communications solves real problems.

From brand awareness

to standing out in the crowd

to ROI on your PR budget

to telling the right story

to the right people

We have





From brand awareness

to standing out in the crowd

to telling the right story
to the right people

to ROI on your PR budget

The first step toward success is identifying the problem. How may we help you succeed?


In our hands, your story will reach, resonate with and motivate the most valuable customers and important influencers to take action: buy, sell, refer or recommend your brand. Check out our Case Studies.


Macali Communications knows and understands how to make your product or service story relevant, understood and trusted. We know the most powerful platforms and places and the most opportune time to tell your story. Here’s proof.


Some brands need more than awareness or credibility. They need to be energized with traditional, digital or hybrid strategies. This is where our energy tactics come into play. Look at what we’ve accomplished for our clients.

Are you ready to stop wasting your time and energy on PR strategies that aren’t working? Get your FREE consult today.

Why Macali?

Macali Communications has been in business for years because we know how to deliver results. Isn’t it about time you received a return on your public relations investment dollars?

Kevin Donnellon and his team will drive your new business success. They create enterprising solutions and actionable plans delivering results that drive business success while providing exceptionally engaging service with a positive entrepreneurial “can do” spirit.

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