Four Business and Communications Success Strategies

In the last month, I have had the pleasure of experiencing two clients’ success milestones.

One client celebrated 90 years in business. The other client sold its business after 41 years.

With both companies, I discovered these four simple strategies behind their business (and communications) success:

1.    Culture – Leadership is committed to creating, nurturing and dedicating the company and team to character and values, and infused those into the organization.

2.    Community Each built a community of employees, customers and suppliers who have become evangelists for the company’s great product, innovation and exceptional service.

3.    Clarity – They are clear and respect who the company is and what they stand for in products, people and relationships.

4.    Confidence – They understand and activate all of the above, so they are confident, but not arrogant. This confidence breeds success.

Hate to admit it, but it’s almost a checklist of simple strategies in business and communications, right?

I’d love to hear how you’re incorporating these strategies into your company and communications’ success . . . Blog with me about it.

Kevin Donnellon

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