Energize Your Brand

Soon you will be hearing about Macali’s new Point System™, a better solution for brand communications.

Photo EnergyEnergy is one of the Point System’s four building blocks of powerful brand communications. A brand’s energy builds excitement and enthusiasm among customers, influencers and recommenders.

The Point System™ evaluates and develops a number of energy drivers, some of the most powerful:

  1. Assurances – guarantees and warranties.
  2. Engagement – face-to-face product demonstrations or on social networks.
  3. Sponsorships – participation events and product educational sessions.
  4. Promotions – contests, giveaways and VIP shopping.
  5. Causes – charities and foundations, especially involving brand applications.
  6. Spokesperson – credible, knowledgeable and a dedicated user.

Hyundai is one of my favorite energized brands. In fact, Interbrand named Hyundai one of its fastest growing brands in its annual report.

The automaker re-energized not only through improved “fluid sculpture” designs but through strategies like America’s Best Warranty, Trade In Value Guarantee, JD Power Awards and Buy-Back.

Thanks in large part to the buy-back offer, which formed the core of the “Hyundai Assurance” program, Hyundai was one of only a few automakers to sell more vehicles in 2009 than it did the previous year.

Hyundai sold 435,000 vehicles that year, an 8% increase at a time when almost all other auto companies experienced sharp declines.

Following Hyundai’s announcements, other companies, including General Motors, tried similar programs but none achieved the success of Hyundai.

Energy is not the province of larger brands. In fact, many emerging brands have used their size and flexibility to energize quickly and powerfully.

Consider SeeMore Putter Co. who has created the SeeMore Putter Institute (SPI). Its mission is to improve putting through its proprietary Riflescope Technology and putting learning system.  SPI also provides teaching pros with a new tool to engage their students and prospects.  Weekly, the brand emails and posts an SPI putting tip leading into your weekend golf round.

SeeMore users, recommenders and influencers are energized by SPI.

Energizing your brand can be that simple and yet wonderfully powerful.

How are you energizing your brand?

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