Four Factors to Drive Powerful Content

This is third and final part in a series about creating valuable content for your brand and organization.

My experience is that successful content is driven by these four factors: Informing, Educating, Entertaining and Engaging.

Here’s how those factors work:

  1. Informationtell me. Something I don’t know about your product or brand. What can expect, what I should really consider it, what distinguishes you and why should I even care. Example: Hinsdale Orthopaedics in Chicago informs patients about various medical procedures through its Centers of Excellence on its website.
  2. Educationshow me. What solutions my product offers. How can customers be prepared to use my product?  Example: Moji, a company selling pain relief and recovery products offers almost 70 educational videos on YouTube and its site. The most watched video is about warming up for general exercise. It has been viewed almost 290,000 times.
  3. Entertainment – thrill me. Studies validate the value of branded entertainment – an Edelman study shows that perceived consumer value in branded entertainment exists for more than one third of U.S. respondents (34 percent overall; 52 percent of adults ages 18-34). Example: Old Spice and its swagger effort does this as well as any brand. I love its Dikembe Motumbo saves the world game before the end of the world in the Mayan calendar.
  4. Engage – There a multiple ways to engage your customers by answering their questions, providing valuable, timely customer service; insider information about company and brand news. Effective commercial engagement strategies can include promotions, contests and special offers. But customer service is king! Example: Zappos, what brand can even touch them in customer service? They are Number Two on

As you can see, brands of all sizes can benefit from these fundamental factors.

What factors are driving your content? Email me your feedback or comments.

Kevin Donnellon

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