Seven Values Behind Compelling, Newsworthy Content

This is the second part in a series about creating content with online and traditional media.

I’m talking about what makes compelling and even newsworthy content for you, your product, and most important, for your customers. I recommend concentrating on these seven news values:

  1.  Novelty – While this may seem like the easiest value, you will benefit from challenging yourself, your marketing and R&D team that your story is truly unique. Think first, foremost, friendliest, fascinating and even fun. Expand your thinking to reflect packaging, promotion, size and shape and design as novel. Example: MonoSol, a company that has created water dissolvable packaging for oatmeal, hot chocolate and drink sticks. The company just won a Procter &  Gamble partner award.
  2. ImpactDoes your product or service affect large numbers of customers, dollars, and could it be a market disrupter? Example: Consolidation in the healthcare industry that is pitting hospitals and physicians against each other.
  3. Needs – Has the market been asking for this type of product or doesn’t even know it could be of value to it.  Example: Tablet computers clearly demonstrate this value, enough said.
  4. Conflict – Is your industry debating an issue or challenge, pitting one standard versus another? Example:  The golf industry’s controversy about anchoring the long belly putter and Bing taking on Google (Scroggled) about the truth behind paid search. Bing has a Scroggled site and even took out a full-page ad in the Journal to fuel this conflict.
  5. Prominence – When the market leader does it or says it, it commands attention. Example: This might be a copout, but when Apple or Starbucks promote anything, it makes headlines like the coffeemakers’ Create Jobs for USA Fund.
  6. Proximity – When it happens in your backyard, affects your hometown, person or product, etc. Example: Dr. Pepper and its college tuition reimbursement contest highlight local market winners. The brand is boosting this initiative by allowing fans to vote local winners into the national contest at the Discover Orange Bowl.
  7. Timeliness – This is when your product relates to the holiday season or other special occasion. This time of the holidays represents this value. Example: E-Bay and other online retailers are providing same day, sometimes within hours, delivery of Christmas gifts.

As you can imagine, many of these values are connected, and can apply simultaneously. They certainly can drive newsworthy, compelling and valuable content for your customers.

What news values drive your content strategies?

Stay tuned for Part 3 appearing in your In Box next week.

Kevin Donnellon

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