Compelling Content Will Get You Customers

A Fortune 500 marketing manager shared this perspective with me last week, “When the product, quality, service and price are the same, content is the point of difference.”

His brand’s sales and profits are up nearly 4% and 6% respectively. So, if you have any doubt that today’s marketing is about compelling content, you’re really missing out and may be misguided whether you have a small or major brand.

No one articulates this better than Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett in the breakthrough Get Content Get Customers. Their six primary reasons for why content is driving marketing:

  1. The change in buyer attitudes towards traditional media and the credibility of content – Web savvy buyers, with access to tons of information, want to decide based on their research and want content that makes them smarter when buying.
  2. Traditional media sources can’t be counted on to assist you in reaching your customers – With sophisticated database management software, brands can deliver the precise target in numbers that media companies no longer can.
  3. Macali Enterprise article imageShrinking media company budgets reduce content quality – Organizations and brands often have bigger budgets and resources to find and pay for the best research and content. Media companies facing financial challenges have been cutting research and editorial budgets and their content quality.
  4. Selling to your customers is becoming more challenging – And selling can be improved by engaging in a conversation with those hungry for good, authoritative and even leadership content that offers solutions to their problems and helps them lead more enjoyable lives.
  5. Because technology is both cheap and easy to use, even small companies can deliver great content solutions to a targeted customer base – While larger companies have had the resources to produce content and track customers, smaller brands now can look even larger with technology enabling them to produce timely, high-quality content and send it to a targeted and engaged database.
  6. High-quality editorial can be delivered by a business – As exemplified by Acura Style from Acura, which targets its very best buyers with content rich information, designed and created to strengthen relationships with customers who invest the most money with Acura.

Additionally, here is Pulizzi and Barrett’s valuable B.E.S.T. formula for simplifying a content marketing strategy:

  • Behavioral — Everything you communicate with your customers has a purpose. What do you want them to do?
  • Essential — Deliver the information your best prospects really need if they are to succeed in work or in life.
  • Strategic — Your content marketing efforts must be an integral part of your overall business strategy.
  • Targeted — You will benefit from targeting your content precisely so that it is truly relevant to your buyers.

So, let’s get your content marketing strategy ready for 2011. Get Content Get Customers and this advice can be an important asset for your organization and brand.