SeeMore Putters have become one of the most successful independent putter brands with a legion of loyal fans, followers and customers of the brand.

The Story

I love working with brand relaunches and revitalization especially with smart and creative leaders who value and respect a brand.

Jim Grundberg and Jason Pouliot hired me to help drive the revitalization of the SeeMore Putter Company.

Jim and Jason were former Odyssey, Never Compromise and Wilson marketers who valued SeeMore as a brand with demonstrable technology – its RifleScope Alignment Technology.

SeeMore Putters became famous when Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open in a dramatic fashion defeating Phil Mickelson with a one-putt par on the finishing hole. And Payne putted lights out in 1999 and had one of his finest years on Tour. But sadly, Payne passed away later that year in a tragic plane crash.

As you can imagine, the SeeMore phenomenon and its proprietary “hide the red dot” Riflescope Alignment Technology waned and the brand eventually became dormant and nearly out of business.


Our revitalization focused on multiple strategies:


We created a story focusing on SeeMore’s proprietary Riflescope Technology and its validation by PGA Tour and Ryder Cup victories. We also leveraged the brand’s “David taking on the Goliaths’” story.

Courting Influencers

We knew the value of persuading influencers that SeeMore’s revitalization and our team were for real. We initiated conversations with influencers across the country who fondly recalled the brand and were willing to give exposure.

Engaging Partners

The golf industry itself was a critical audience for our efforts so the brand was officially relaunched at the important PGA global trade show where we began partnering with key retailers and golf pros and expanding exposure for the new SeeMore line.

Reenergizing Community

We struck gold when PGA pro Zach Johnson and his SeeMore putter won the Masters with his phenomenal putting performance. This signature victory gave us the perfect story to reenergize SeeMore’s winning technology within our community of fans, thought leaders and retailers.

Driving Conversation

We listened on and offline to the community of SeeMore loyalists (we cleverly dubbed them “SeeMoreans”) and helped them drive the conversation about the revitalized brand.

Fueling Passion

We soon created SeeMore’s social media strategy, first with the SeeMore Putters Blog and the brand’s related social media efforts (Facebook and Twitter) that engaged and reinforced its grassroots following.

“I have known Kevin and his work in marketing and public relations for over 20 years, and I hired him as our strategic marketing partner when we purchased the SeeMore Putter brand and embarked on unlocking the great potential of a patented and proven technology. Kevin has been there every step of the way as we have turned SeeMore into one of the most exciting global golf brands.”
Jim Grundberg, Managing Partner, SeeMore Putter Co.