Joe Client Kickstarts Business

Joe Client Kickstarts Business

As you march toward the end of Q1 and still struggle for leads and sales, my Joe Client system can kick start your efforts and deliver valuable thinking, direction and results.

The purpose of Joe Client is identifying and growing new customers and opportunities that might be hidden from your current targeting and prospecting efforts.

Here are the 10 Joe Client steps I created and use for my business. They are simple, often forgotten, and yet so powerful:

  1. Former customers – this is painfully obvious. And you already have the rapport and proof of your abilities, so this is the most fertile ground, but it can be ignored in pursuit of newer business.
  2. Industry experience – this can be valuable in starting a conversation, but it shouldn’t be a non-starter. I have worked in 50 or more unique businesses, and in each, I have created new and valuable solutions or approaches that might work for a new client even in a different industry.
  3. Sales and revenue – be sure that the prospect has resources in time, money and people to invest well in your solutions.

    Credit Christophe Boisson
  4. Value, trust and success with outside partners – if a prospect works best as a lone wolf and is insistent on that approach, I would knock on another door. Those customers’ perspective can be right as rain, especially if their son runs marketing or their daughter’s marketing agency has their business as an account.
  5. Have the need, money and urgency to solve problem – I short hand this to need money now! Thanks go out to colleague and marketing communications pro Jim Wisuri.
  6. They need and want a specific or evolving role of coach, strategist or consultant – I am flexible in offering solutions that can produce success and build customer trust. I start with selling an appetizer if you use the meal metaphor or selling pair of socks if you like the wardrobe metaphor. My results will allow me to grow a relationship at an appropriate pace with genuine value.
  7. Shotcaller – committees can be effective on some level, but one informed and committed decision maker is the ideal partner to drive success. In many situations, the ability to act with authority now can make the difference between success and failure.
  8. My passion and enthusiasm — I will succeed in businesses that get my motor running. A colleague pursues organizations, products and services that she uses, respects and admires.
  9. Gets it and values you – if this trust isn’t present, your relationship and partnership will go nowhere. And it is about showing and demonstrating the traits of a trusted advisor.
  10. Open to start a conversation — like the meal and wardrobe metaphor, I just want to begin a conversation. The odds are in OUR favor that I have seen your pain or have a personalized approach to help us address your pain.

Isn’t this just like creating buyers’ personas? Probably and it makes it more fun, and more useful in the short and long term.

So, that’s my Joe Client system for kick starting 2019 business success. What are you doing to find your most probable customer and get business going? 

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