12 Questions CEOs Need To Ask Their Marketers

12 Questions CEOs Need To Ask Their Marketers

CEOs are challenged by CMOs’ role and results.

In fact, 80% of CEOs admit they do not really trust and are not very impressed by the work done by marketers, according to a study by Fournaise Marketing Group.

That’s because 78% of the CEOs think marketers too often lose sight of what their real job is – to generate more customer demand for their products and services in a business-quantifiable and business-measurable way.

Other challenges for this relationship include:

  • Many marketing functions are not aligned with the company’s overall strategy.
  • CEOs need a clear understanding of marketing’s role and there can be the disconnect.
  • Disconnect may result from CMOs focusing initially on strategy, infrastructure and technology (home runs) vs. getting early tactical wins – new sales materials, building leads and reporting(singles).
  • CEOs also will benefit from appreciating how marketing success can be measured beyond short-term incremental sales and ROI improvements.
  • Building productive collaboration with all relevant business units affecting and affected by marketing – sales, innovation and product development, etc.

So, if CEOs want to get the most effectiveness from their marketing teams, they will benefit from asking their marketing department these 12 questions:

  1. How are our customer needs changing and what resources are our customers using to make their purchase decisions?
  2. Which customer segments offer us the most profitable opportunities?
  3. How easy is it for our customers to find us?
  4. What is our cost per lead?
  5. What is the lifetime value of our customers?
  6. How and where can we create a sustainable competitive advantage?
  7. How is our brand perceived by our customers?
  8. What scoring or metrics will demonstrate our marketing success?
  9. How will you build collaboration between your marketing, sales, innovation, product, technology and all relevant business teams?
  10. What marketing systems, tools, analytical and data capabilities will you need to improve marketing metric capabilities?
  11. How should I determine your marketing budget; how much does really good marketing cost?
  12. How much time do our executives need to commit to marketing?

What questions are you as a CEO asking your marketing department and what questions are you getting as a marketing department from your CEO?

To start getting better answers and alignment and improve your marketing, take this brief marketing assessment and let’s have a conversation. I will get you going and growing.


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