Instagram Is Killing It; Your Brand Better Be

Instagram Is Killing It; Your Brand Better Be

Instagram is killing it and you better be taking advantage of this as holiday sales season has started.

Just read this fascinating Content Standard piece on Instagram’s growing appeal in contrast with its parent and leading platform Facebook.

Here are some of the most relevant and powerful insights that I found compelling and beneficial for any brand or company with social media strategies.

  • From a marketer’s perspective, the appeal of Instagram starts with its ability to drive ROI. According to 2018 research from Socialbakers, Instagram’s user engagement rate for brands is four times Facebook’sBusiness Insideralso reported that 72 percent of Instagram users have purchased a product they saw advertised through the app.
  • As Instagram’s engagement potential continues to climb, Facebook has become less awareness-driven as a platform. A recent study by Bufferfound that Facebook content has dropped by 50 percent in engagement over the past 18 months, even as the volume of branded content posted to the platform has increased by 25 percent over the past year.
  • There’s no question Facebook has had its struggles in the past 18 months. But in terms of its standing as the top social platform, Facebook has a long way to fall before it’s threatened by other competing brands, much less its own property in Instagram.
  • While Instagram is now home to a billion users, Facebook lays claim to 2.5 billion, and that scale makes a big difference when brands set out to reach niche audiences that can’t be reliably identified and targeted elsewhere.

What’s going on here?

  •  Instagram is made for smartphones. Images, conceived to impress, stop and resonate, are its bread and butter. Image and less copy. That’s why 35% of online adults use Instagram.
  • Instagram makes is so easy to buy and sell.
  • Instagram is made for fast-paced. See it, like it, buy it or ignore. Make it simple and fast to buy. This is the ultimate impulse buy opportunity.
  • Instagram’s ability to be viewed as frequent as you want and non-intrusive makes it easy for brands and customers. Saturation isn’t a strategy, but Instagram posts can come often and not be perceived as intrusive especially if compelling. Customers validate this as Users spend on average 53 minutes a dayon the Android Instagram app.
  • Instagram has Facebook muscle behind it and can experiment for new features. Instagram will only get better.
  • Instagram feels cross-generational and cross-platform, although the smartphone app makes it king. Parents, uncles and aunts, grandparents, boomers, teens, millennials, GenY and Zers are on this and are enthralled and infatuated with Instagram. These Instagram numbers skew younger but they are the potent buyers too. They attract the older groups eventually
  • Instagram is occasional, meaning it fits with people’s lives, celebrations and the season’s offers (Halloween, college football, tailgates, weddings, holidays, birthdays, etc.) Check out how these brands optimize events for Instagram.
  • Instagram makes you feel like you are in control. That’s the marketing standard today.
  • Instagram is used by both sexes equally.

As you head into the holidays, how are you using Instagram successfully to grow your business?  

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