7 Reasons Why Your Storytelling Stinks

7 Reasons Why Your Storytelling Stinks

Many companies and brands don’t know how to tell the right stories, especially those that resonate with and motivate their customers to choose their solutions.

I have discovered these prevailing seven reasons behind storytelling that stinks and stalls sales:

  1. Haven’t identified the critical issues of the influencer and brand advocates. Think about how to listen better to identify these issues.
  2. Have no appreciation or understand of their buyers’ personas. Try these methods to create personas.
  3. Don’t know or understand what content excites their customers. Maybe it’s this simple.
  4. Don’t understand how their customers like to receive and share content and in what formats. This is basic and powerful advice.
  5. Don’t have a content strategy and content management plan. Start with these five questions.
  6. Haven’t deployed a public relations or social media manager and team to create a storytelling strategy and manage ongoing communications with customers. These clever posts can guide – here’s one and two.
  7. Don’t have a calendar or strategy for timely and opportune release of valuable news and posts. This post by Jamie Griffiths reveals how to create a calendar.

So how are you assuring your brand and company doesn’t stink and your sales stall? 

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