6 Questions Produce Compelling Brand And Company Stories

6 Questions Produce Compelling Brand And Company Stories

What makes good stories for your prospects and customers?

This post from last Summer tells how it’s done. I reviewed it today and know it’s worth re-sharing.

Stories told around campfires, conference rooms and now through social channels can be more memorable, relevant and powerful than “how to” presentations to customers and prospects during their buying journey.

Stories show personalized challenges and opportunities and humane, genuine solutions to address them. They also can cement ties between storyteller and listener and build a sense of community.

That’s one of the ideas from the LinkedIn The Sandler Way from the Sandler Sales Institute.

When you want to sound like a storyteller while reaching out to prospects on social channels, especially LinkedIn, answer the following questions when you post, leave a comment, engage in discussion or evenhero dragon storytelling 072515 send an InMail:

  1. Who is the hero of the story?
  2. What is the hero trying to accomplish?
  3. What obstacle(s) get in the way of achieving this goal?
  4. Who or what helps the hero achieve the goal?
  5. What is the moral of the story?
  6. What does the hero learn?

You can reinforce this bond by using a persona or industry-specific stories. The more prospects can relate to the hero of your story, the more they will become emotional and more likely to buy.

What strategies are you using to tell your stories to customers and prospects?

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