Measuring Your Marketing IMPACT

Measuring Your Marketing IMPACT

It’s almost the middle of the year.

So, are your marketing efforts having the IMPACT you intended?

Better yet, are you using measures that really make a difference in your business?

Sure, every business has specific needs and goals, but typically you need to look for IMPACT like these from your marketing strategy:

  1. Sales and distribution reinforcement and growth
  2. Attitude and behavior change
  3. Traffic and lead generation
  4. Branding, relevance and premium pricing
  5. Awareness, consideration and conversation
  6. Purchase demand and motivation
  7. Product preference, acceptance and trust
  8. Brand preference and loyalty
  9. Customer satisfaction and passion
  10. Influence and advocacy

So, when you are considering and evaluating your marketing, be sure to know and understand the IMPACT of your efforts.

What IMPACT does your marketing strategy have on your business?


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