Have You Defined Your 2017 Marketing IMPACT?

Have You Defined Your 2017 Marketing IMPACT?

Getting back into the swing, and mentioned this favorite post of 2016 in a few conversations.

A client and prospect said, you should re-post it. I agreed, as this post is especially helfpul as you begin your marketing in 2017.

So, before you decide to create and execute a marketing strategy, you will benefit from answering these questions:

  1. What do you specifically want to accomplish?impact-010617
  2. What does great look like?
  3. What changes do you want to see?
  4. How will you define success?

Those are basic questions that can be difficult to answer.

To keep it simple and powerful, I ask clients and prospects what business IMPACT do they want to achieve with their marketing strategy?

Sure, every business has specific needs and goals, but typically they look for IMPACT like these from their marketing strategy:

  1. Sales and distribution reinforcement and growth
  2. Attitude and behavior change
  3. Traffic and lead generation
  4. Branding, relevance and premium pricing
  5. Awareness, consideration and conversation
  6. Purchase demand and motivation
  7. Product preference, acceptance and trust
  8. Brand preference and loyalty
  9. Customer satisfaction and passion
  10. Influence and advocacy

So, when you are considering and evaluating your marketing, be sure to know and understand the IMPACT of your efforts.

What IMPACT does your marketing strategy have on your business?


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