Content Marketing Challenges And Solutions

Content Marketing Challenges And Solutions

In today’s market, where interrupting ads are declining and social media is surging, content marketing has emerged a powerful marketing strategy.Maze Challenges 041416

Recently, Rapt Media surveyed marketing experts to better understand these four content marketing topics:

  • Content creation challenges
  • Content creation priorities
  • Content data and ROI accountability
  • Content technology investments

The survey revealed these key findings:

  • 83% say developing content that’s personalized enough is their biggest challenge.
  • 94% say better content tech is key to creating content that’s personalized and engaging.
  • 81% say increased engagement is key to securing content tech investment.
  • 77% say linking performance data with content is not important.
  • 86% say they are not held accountable for business metrics from content they produce.

While I might disagree on performance data and accountability metrics, I suggest that marketers will benefit by paying attention to these important values of content marketing:

  1. Assures that it informs, educates, entertains. Intrigues or inspires.
  2. Shows how to make the reader richer, smarter, simpler, easier, faster, cooler, happier, safer or healthier.
  3. Adds value by advising, amazing or uniting.
  4. Uses these KPIs for content marketing in some form.
  5. Appreciates that content marketing is a two-way, interactive effort.

What are your content marketing challenges and how are you addressing them?


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