3 Weaknesses In Your Listening Strategies

3 Weaknesses In Your Listening Strategies

When we talk to clients, prospect and peers, we find that many brands and companies are weak in their listening strategies

And it usually comes down to deficiencies in these three areas – no media monitoring and measurement, no social media listening and measurement, no social media brand tracking.Social Media Monitoring Globe 012716

Specifically, brands and companies are missing out in these ways:

  1. No media monitoring and measurement that:
    • Daily tracks all media sources.
    • Focuses on print, TV and online social media channels
    • Generates weekly and quarterly reports
    • Tracks trending and provide pre- and post-event analysis
    • Here’s some good tools, thanks Tamar Weinberg.
  2. No social media listening and measurement that:
    • Assesses consumer comments and brand-related, category and competitor chatter. Here are great resources rated by various relevant criteria.
    • Looks at tone, volumes and trends, channel breakout
    • Combines technology tools and human analysis
    • Uses language skills across geographies of interest
    • Develops methodologies and metrics to attain valued answers
  3. No social media brand tracking to:
    • Gauge brand awareness, perception, consideration and sentiment – the above tools can help. This advice by Chris Syme is meant for crisis management but works here too.
    • Track by competitors, geographies and segments
    • Is customized in frequency, metrics and scope

So what are you waiting for you?

How are you handling and how are you going to handle your listening strategies?


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