Everyone’s 8 Resonating Desires

Everyone’s 8 Resonating Desires

Keep it simple and easy in your life and communications, and especially in your human and customer relations.

Consider what Dale Carnegie, the master of human relations, says most people want:Winning Friends Circle 012616

  1. Health and preservation of life
  2. Food.
  3. Sleep.(crave this, right?)
  4. Money and the things that money can buy.
  5. Life in the hereafter (one of my favorites).
  6. Sexual gratification.
  7. The well-being of our children (and family).
  8. A feeling of importance.

Reminds of what famous movie director Louis Malle suggested in this post.

Want more advice and success in human and customer relations, read his wildly successful classic book – How To Win Friends and Influence People. It was published almost 80 years ago and still rings true.

How and what is driving your pitch to your customers and prospects, especially when creating your buyers’ personas?


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