6 Ways To Reconcile With Customers And Fans

6 Ways To Reconcile With Customers And Fans

Planning on reconciliation with a family member this holiday season?

What about reconciling with your customers, fans and advocates?Reconciliation 111815

After all this is the age of the customer,according to Forrester.

We all know the holiday season is the most important time for retailers and products, representing almost 20% of annual retail sales.

So before you start reconciliation with customers, I think you will some great ideas and insights from this Wall Street Journal:

  1. Send a communication start with an appreciation communication, possibly offering an invitation for them to reconnect through a special offer or experience.
  2. Connect somewhere neutral initiate an email, a phone call or even a written correspondence rather than communicating on your social channels, although an attempt to reconcile socially, if genuine, can look very positive and perceived as very favorable to your fans and followers.
  3. Stick to small talk at first — talk about smaller things like their current product uses, any new needs or desires and even any current frustrations.
  4. Apologize — this doesn’t mean you need to accept the blame, but that you are sorry for causing any problems, frustrations or pains.
  5. Ask how they view the issue — nothing is better than walking in their shoes or seeing things from their perspective. Ask them if they can put aside their issues.
  6. Come up with a plan — where do you go from here, invite your customer to come back into the fold.

So how can you reconcile with your customers to ensure you develop a long-term relationship?

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