7 Characteristics of Influencers

7 Characteristics of Influencers


There’s a lot of discussion today about the characteristics of an influencer. Here are seven of the more important and valuable traits of many influencers:

  1. Trust — peers rely on you for information and act upon your insight and direction for important decisions based on a strong bond and the faith they have in your judgment.
  2. In-depth knowledge — the level at which you can speak about a topic or passion or you are viewed as a subject matter expert based on years of experience. Your willingness to share and contribute to Influencer Professor Magnet 101215discussions as well as your ability to solve problems and develop solutions is a constant reminder of your level of in-depth knowledge.
  3. Industry expertise — this is how involved are you in your industry as a speaker, content provider, association leader and so on. It’s how your peers feel about your expertise, and the level at which they recognize you are a highly active and participating party, who takes the time to educate and lead others.
  4. Intense motivation — motivation comes in all shapes and sizes and is truly a personal rating. Motivation is the energy you have at the start of the day, how much you feel you can accomplish throughout the day, and how you drive yourself to achieve more each day to reach greater levels of success.
  5. Pure passion — passion comes from the heart it is not something that’s easy to rate. It’s a compelling feeling or emotion, and you can see true signs of passion from people who tirelessly strive to reach their goals every day. From those who write their yearly New Year’s resolutions to folks who keep to do lists, passion translate into the challenges you tackle in the goals you reach on a daily basis.
  6. Winning attitude — the power of positive thinking is contagious. Are you a glass half-full or half-empty type of person? A winning attitude means you can find the bright spot or silver lining in a situation and you move through any circumstances with a positive attitude, even if there are hard lessons to learn.
  7. Giving spirit — when you truly connect with peers to the point in which influences not just simply sharing a statement, article or common interests, this critical point is defined by characteristic called the give factor. You can naturally increase your level of giving as relations grow and move toward trusted confidant.

Thanks to PR pro Deirdre Brekenridge for this valuable list. She has written some powerful books including Social Media and PR — 8 New Practices for The PR Professional and PR 2.0

Deirdre personifies influencer.

What traits do you think make an influencer in your company and clientele?

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