7 Strategies For Positive Media Relations

7 Strategies For Positive Media Relations

You reap what you sow when it comes to strong and positive media relations.

  • Look at the PGA Champion Jason Day to see a personality with positive media relations.
  • Look at a brand like Amazon and their recent challenges with a New York Times story about its employee practices and see a brand suffering from negative media relations.

Check out headlines and stories daily and when you read between the lines, you can sense folks who suffer and those who thrive. We won’t get into a Hillary or Donald discussion now. That’s a distraction for this post.

I think great media relations can have a strong positive effect on your brand. And produce more valued media coverage and help manage negative coverage.Media relations 082015

The most positive and powerful media relations involves these seven behaviors and attitudes:

  1. Responsiveness — helping a reporter on deadline whether you can give him all the information he needs or just a little.
  2. Respect – – recognize that a blogger or reporter is only doing his job to cover a brand like you, despite how tough he might be on you and your brand and his questions.
  3. Transparency – – do not hide or do not deceive the media. They will discover your issues and hold that deceit against you. You have to gain and sustain trust.
  4. Authenticity — when you don’t know more about a story or can’t tell for certain legitimate reasons, be sure to share that with a reporter and do so diplomatically.
  5. Politeness – – don’t be dismissive, especially with the person who has a large audience. They used to say don’t pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel, so don’t do it with a reporter or blogger with loads of followers.
  6. Perspective – – a reporter is a conduit to your reader or viewer, so what you show or how you relate to a reporter will be how you relate to us, your customers and fans.
  7. Considerate – a blogger or reporter has an audience and a short timeline, so be considerate of that when working with him.

As you work with reporters and bloggers heed their needs presented in this and a follow-up post about what the media prefers.

How are you assuring strong, positive media relations with reporters and bloggers who cover you and your brand?

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