6 Steps to Avoid Brand Disengagement

6 Steps to Avoid Brand Disengagement

Sometimes brands go dark in in their engagement with customers, prospects, influencers and even their own teams. I would call that brand disengagement.

You know how this works, posts become sporadic, content is irrelevant and brand centric and fans stay at the same levels and eventually dwindle.

The reasons for disengagement can be intentional — marketers have given up on or ignored the values of engagement. Or it could simply be, the unintended consequences of other priorities.brand connection 051815

To ensure your company or brand doesn’t become disengage, I would recommend these six steps:

  1. Adopt the Mindset —  in order to benefit from any of the following steps, and to add value to your marketing in general, you must adopt the mindset that engagement is an essential and powerful part of your current communications and marketing efforts.
  2. Connecting Drives the Process – obviously, this critical step lays the foundation for all subsequent efforts. This includes making connections with current and prospective customers and influencers for those audiences. Try these tips from Constant Contact and Social Media Examiner.
  3. Conversations Mean Additions — now you can bid again the conversation with those key audiences. It is important to emphasize that you are not selling or promoting during these conversations. You are adding value through information, education and even entertainment, many of this is on emotional basis.
  4. Engaging Is Them And You — your branded communications, content, and promotions can catalyze efforts that yield brand awareness, trial, and loyalty because now you are reaching and interacting with your key audiences. It is essential that this engagement is a two-way and interactive effort. Engaging also means sharing user-generated content to build the real bridges with your audiences. If there are no two-way conversations and sharing, trust me engagement doesn’t happen. Carol Edgecomb offers this advice on two-way conversations.
  5. Sharing Is Caring — keep sharing content easy and simple. All communications, content, and promotions must be compelling, relevant and powerful enough that people are eager to share them. Such and aim could require audience research and creating buyer personas to clarify what is meaningful valuable to your audience, and encourages them to engage and share.
  6. Advocating Is Trusting — promote user-generated and brand-inspired content and user experiences to empower brand engagement. Recognize and enlist brand advocates. Be willing to surrender of the brand conversation to fuel up and extend with consumers impetus. As such, your brand will soar to the heights. Monitor brand reputation to be ready to full engage if a conversation becomes detrimental to your brand. Here are 7 things to know about brand advocacy and advocates.

So how are you assuring that your brands avoid disengagement and stay fully engaged with your customers, prospects and influencers?

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