3 New PR Challenges For Clients

3 New PR Challenges For Clients

PR work for clients has grown in scope and business impact, according to a PRNewswire whitepaper —The New PR Agency B Benchmarks For Demonstrating Value to Clients.

Part 1 of this series talked about what values agencies can provide clients. Part 2 talks about a new set of challenges for clients and how agencies are responding. Insights from the whitepaper and what specific challenges clients are facing:

  • Brands aren’t always up-to-speed on current trends and opportunities. As a result, clients may set campaign objectives that follow a familiar path, but which may not achieve important and relevant businessunicorn goals.
  • Many companies focus on coverage in newspaper and magazines as their primary goal. Enlightened agencies are using strategies that use earned media as the basis to drive their digital plan. Their initiatives also use traditional PR with owned media as well as using tactics that foster organic search.
  • Effective agencies step back from the tactics and analyze the brand and business more holistically. This provides a logical and powerful place to align goals with strategy and tactics.
  • Some agencies ask what success looks like, how do they move the needle and how is that measured. They also plot strategies from those points forward. Successful results are not based on one size fits all as clients’ needs can include branding, more traffic, reputation management or media coverage
  • Relevant audiences spend more time on digital platforms, so brands have more opportunities to make lasting and important connections.

This rapidly expanding media environment offers new challenges for brands and their communications partners. Today, agency partners are being asked to help clients with these communications challenges more and more frequently:

  1. Content Development — everyone understands that content is important but that has limitations. Interpretation of meaningful content is where the new communications model starts to fall apart. Companies understand this, but can still produce poor content.
  2. Integrate Communication Components — everything in marketing should be integrated for the most powerful results. This especially means integrating the same messages across all channels so customers and prospects will receive the same messages and be more likely to remember and act on it. The key points that the PR team wants to see in print or broadcast media should also be in the marketing messaging.
  3. Authentic Storytelling — today’s consumers are well informed, so information they receive is increasingly transparent. Authenticity is proving most effective, but developing those stories isn’t easy. Clients want assistance with messaging and storytelling – especially with stores that resonate with their audiences. To do it right, you have to develop the message and the story, and most companies must need to do so.

Those ideas and insights are provided by PRNewswire and agency experts including Lou Hoffman of the Hoffman agency and Rebecca Mosley and Amanda Foley of Duo PR.

What are you asking or being asked to do differently in today’s communications world?



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