How To Drive Social Selling

How To Drive Social Selling

The 2015 CMO’s guide to the social landscape reports that today’s marketers are charged with influencing more of the customer journey than ever before.

Social media marketing can succeed when it matches the overall customer experience, playing an essential roles in critical stages like:Social Selling 080915

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Influencing the hidden sales cycle
  • Enabling social selling
  • Maximizing post-sale customer service

As I mentioned in post 1 of this three-part series, this year’s guide focuses on valued social media marketing objectives:

  1. The top-of-the-funnel awareness
  2. Social selling
  3. Social customer care

The report sharply organizes them by the state of social media, rising trends and key strategies.

This second post discusses Social Selling from the report and provides ideas on to capitalize on these trends

State of Social Media

  • Be Wherever They Are — customers and prospects are communicating on social networks; you need to be there, too. In fact, 71% of Best-in-Class firms consider this a top concern. Here’s some advice on how to find your audience in social selling.
  • Social Participation providing subject-matter expertise on social sites can be an effective way to build credibility with prospective customers. Use these ideas to become a non-BSing subject matter expert.

Rising Trends

  • Social Leads For Sales — social media marketers increased marketing’s contribution to sales-forecasted pipelines 20 times faster than did nonusers.
  • Benefits Of Social Selling — users of social selling are 30% more likely to see total team attainment of their sales quotas than were others (64% vs. 49% sales quota attainment).
  • Who’s Who — best-in-class companies are more than three times as likely as Laggards (70% vs. 21%) to support their sellers by identifying social influencers.

Key Strategies

  • Content — arm sellers with tools to collaborate, listen, and contribute to the world of user-generated content. Think this way when creating content that helps sell.
  • Teach — educate sales staff on the use of external and internal social media tools. Listen, Participate and Collaborate.

So how are you and your brands using social media marketing in your social selling efforts?

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