Find Content and News With Your 5Ps

Find Content and News With Your 5Ps

Where can you find news and content in your organization?

Go scout around the office like a reporter. Talk to team leaders and visit the factory floor, R&D labs and even your logistics center.

Compelling news and energetic content is flowing throughout your organization, trust me.  Dig into these five Ps for guidelines to mine your brand and company for energized content:

  • Products – What can you say about your new or existing product lines? What new uses or unique applications can Cub Reporter 022515you talk about? Better yet, what new uses or applications can your customers offer?  Your product knowledge and experience are why you are in business, so spread the word.  Add your outstanding customer service to this category too. Tip: Tell this product story around timely market opportunities and high product use times (trade shows/holidays are ripe for this). We would promote Weatherbeater paint around Memorial Day, one of the biggest paint and fixup weekends of the year.
  • People – Which means showcasing your CEO, your scientist who designed your new product with innovative technology and even the researcher who discovered the Aha! moment about your customers. Enlist these people to share their expertise and knowledge without compromising secrets. Show the faces behind your company and brand. This approach can propel corporate reputation and brand equity. Remember, people do buy from people.  Tip: There are CEOs and scientists that get this and some that don’t, but CEO insights are valued as the Journal and NYTimes show each week with their Boss Talk and Corner Office respectively. 
  • Promotions – That great brand incentive or reward program, event sponsorship or celebrity spokesperson are slam dunks for content across all channels.  Tip: Aligning with a Super Bowl may get you numbers but will that separate you from the pack?  Consider these smart examples of alternate promotion occasions– Daylight Savings Time, Labor Day as Golf Patriot Day and even National Read A Book Day. Hallmark, of course, has a site for unique holidays.
  • Processes – How is your product made? With sensitivity to secrets, how your product was created is stuff that reality shows are made of, and certainly fodder for great content. Tip: Don’t get caught up that this has to be some elaborate process. Who doesn’t like seeing beer bottles being filled or cakes being adorned with icing?
  • Principles – What are your values?  What makes you a company with a stellar reputation?  How do you demonstrate those in your work and relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees? Tip: Okay, this is obvious, but nothing will be more attractive than standing up for what is right. It will draw employees, investors and even regulators. Think, Nordstrom’s legendary customer service or Toms Shoes One for One movement.

So, start thinking about these practical, productive and powerful 5 P’s as springboards for energizing your content.

How and where do you find content within your organization?


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