8 Steps For Planning Your Content Calendar — Part 1

8 Steps For Planning Your Content Calendar — Part 1

Well, Fall is upon us and why not start surfacing your best ideas and preparing for the long marketing season ahead, especially for planning your content.

A content calendar directs and controls the publication of your mainstream and social media content.

This two-part series first addresses the steps for planning your content calendar. The second part shows you how to find content for your calendar.

The eight steps for successfully organizing your content calendar include:

  1. Identify your goals – are they about customer acquisition, site traffic, fan recruitment, customer satisfaction, etc?
  2. Clarify your customers’ needs, motivations and desires relating to your brand.
  3. Associate goals and customer knowledge with your brand essence, personality, values and messages.
  4. Inventory current assets that might benefit customers (news releases, reviews and ratings, speeches, media coverage, training videos, customer complaints and compliments, sales seasonal  information, trade show materials, customer research, industry insights, etc.).
  5. Define the direction of your content – education, information, entertainment or engagement.
  6. Determine what content you need to create whether it’s mainstream (e.g. news releases, magazine articles, speeches, etc.) or social (e.g. blog posts, Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Pinterest photos, email newsletters, etc.)
  7. Concentrate on channels that are relevant to your customers and influencers.
  8. Decide who will be the manager and producer(s) of all this content – be sure those people have a sense for organization, what motivates your customers and influencers and what makes good content.

I hope this helps you start successfully planning your content calendar. Stay tuned for part two about finding the right content. Meanwhile, how are you planning and implementing your content?

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