Steve Jobs, The Innovator Who Inspired Me And Millions

Steve Jobs, The Innovator Who Inspired Me And Millions

This post originally was published a few weeks ago before Steve Jobs’ death yesterday. It was fascinating researching this innovator.

His point, which is humbly described here, will inspire me and millions for decades to come.

Steve Jobs, what was the point?

What were you saying with the 1984 Super Bowl commercial and the Ipod?


Jobs’ point was dreams, perfectly expressed in the Think Different ad slogan.

Think Different inspired Apple’s culture, team and customers. It created passionate engineering and unimaginable product design.

It built a community of fans that Trekkies would envy long before communities became a marketing strategy.

What is my point?

Think Different is visionary, catalyzing everything Apple — iPhone, iPad, 1984, ipod and its Silhouettes ads, apps and Apple stores. It’s also Macworld and dramatic product introductions.

Think Different was the basis for the powerful strategic and systemic PR campaigns, which made Apple the hottest and coolest company.

Jobs expected those PR results and knew Think Different would produce them.

That’s my point and here’s a question and answer.

Do you have to be Jobs and Apple to achieve PR success? Its technology advantage and Jobs’ PR savvy may give it an advantage.

But a Think Different point can be found and crafted to become your organization’s competitive edge. Your point will propel a PR strategy that will connect with thoughtleaders and media and influence your customers’ attitude and behavior.

That’s the point.

Do you agree? What is the point of your business?

So, Jobs will be joining other great innovators in heaven — Ford, Bell, Edison, Salk, etc.

And how has Steve Jobs inspired you, your brand and business innovation?


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  • Barbara McAuliffe

    Terrific post – Steve Jobs truly left a mark on this world. Some will remember his products, but in watching and reading all of the tributes to him today, I think I am most impressed and inspired by his passion and as you pointed out, his ability and desire to “think differently” to see and imagine what no one else does. I’m thinking differently already.

  • Tom Morrissey

    Good post Kevin.
    My fave Jobs quote
    “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose…”

  • Bob Wheatley

    Thanks, Kevin for the inspiration and thoughts. Apple and Steve Jobs, perhaps one in the same thing, have accomplished something extraordinary: becoming an icon for the most important principle underlying business success today — you must find a way to MATTER. Brands that matter exemplify the idea of radical uniqueness and differentiation. Their internal compass is never defined by others or in reaction to competitors. We care about Apple, identify with it, love it, embrace it — its not hardware or software but a lifestyle association bolstered and driven by extraordinary technology and design. The nuance of what comes first and second in this recipe is indeed the secret sauce.

    Bravo Kevin

    • Bob, thanks for your comments. It is amazing to see the outpouring of affection for Steve now and throughout his illustrious career. Not sure if you read this commencement speech piece from today’s journal. He clearly got it and shared it with all of us in the special ways you indicate. Hail Steve!

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