My Daughter’s Questions Reinforce 5 Key Marketing Questions

My Daughter’s Questions Reinforce 5 Key Marketing Questions

My daughter Carrie is always asking questions and she’s been doing it since she could talk (which she did very early).

What kind of questions?

  • Why do people need those tablets?
  • Can’t you see that stuff on your Mac?
  • And what about on your iPhone, doesn’t that work just as well?

So you see, they are fundamental questions, and they generally make me stop and suspend my assumptions, and then answer these questions to her mindset and not mine.

Because, isn’t communications about the receiver and not the sender of the message?

So, what Carrie’s questions reinforce some of these fundamental principles of communications:

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Know what interests and moves them.
  3. Know how they receive communications.
  4. Know as much as you can about how they perceive you.
  5. Know what they value in the marketplace.

Carrie, who is studying for her Master’s in Education, teaches me and us through her questions.

Thanks Carrie and a keep those questions coming. And you helped me find this fun site that might entertain (and educate) you and your students, and my readers.


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