Golf Brands Moving Up on Twitter and Facebook

Golf Brands Moving Up on Twitter and Facebook

Our recent review of major golf brands shows they are increasing their appeal and presence on social media sites, especially on the leaders, Twitter and Facebook.

As you can see, there's been good growth for many brands. I think there are many reasons for this including more attention by golf marketers, social media manager roles and marketing or PR responsibilities and promotion of these sites on websites, advertising, packaging and other places.

Other observations:

1. Facebook is growing as an the web presence for these brands as their own websites and sometimes GolfbrandsSMchart (3)exceeding their UVMs on their brand websites (see Titleist and Ping as primary examples). This a trend in many major brands in all categories as noted in this post.

2.  Golf brands are starting to appreciate what catalysts are driving their social network success. We will be reviewing sites over next months leading up to the PGA Show to further prove this.

3. While contacts (fans and followers) are growing, content is going to maintain stickiness and breed more evangelists and advocates.

4. Golf brands are improving best practices and like all of us can do better to attract more fans and followers.

5. Golf marketers are valuing these social media strategies because as National Golf Foundation and other Pew Center research shows, golf's target audiences is moving toward social media for news, reviews and ratings.

We're looking forward to reviewing and rating the content and contact strategies of these important golf brands and others leading up to the 2011 PGA Show and golf season. It will be fun and very enlightening.    

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