How Does Social Media Marketing Affect Business Results?

How Does Social Media Marketing Affect Business Results?

Leading marketers believe that social media marketing can deliver these important business results. That's according to a recent SocialMediaExaminer report by Michael Stelzner:

1. Helps close business — almost 74% of marketers who have been using social media for years report it has helped them close business (a 12% increase since 2009).

2. Produces new business partnerships— 53% who only invested a few months in a few months in social a media marketing say it is producing new partnerships. 

Image Social media benefits3. Generates qualified leads – after a similar time frame and with as few as 6 hours per week, 50% have  generated qualified leads.

4. Increases business exposure –  a vast majority (78% and higher) indicate their social media efforts increase exposure for their business. 

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