Social Media Use Gaining in Golf Business, Part 2

Social Media Use Gaining in Golf Business, Part 2

Golfers are getting more and more into social media, according to a new National Golf Foundation study of golfer's Web 2.0 activity.

Topline stats and six key findings were reported in Part 1. The study was of core golfers (those 18+ years who play a minimum of 8 rounds and average 37 rounds annually):  

The most insightful and actionable four key findings of the study were:

Image New social_technographics_ladder1. More engaged with Web 2.0 than the general population and it's growing. See Forrester social technographics ladder to the right. Golfers are moving up the ladder with creators (10%) and (33%) showing the greatest increases in categories. 87% of golfers are reading ratings and reviews and 60% are keeping social network profiles. (Note: Forrester has added a conversationalist rung to their ladder since this study was done, very important news for golf brands).

2. Well connected and active users of social network sites. 42% more golfers are commenting on social network sites (Sns e.g. Facebook) and 22% more golfers update/maintain a Sns profile.

3. They trust user-generated content and are clearly influenced by others. 80% are very/somewhat likely to believe user-generated content and 64% trust opinion/commentary from ordinary people.

4. Word of mouth (see McKinsey Report insights) has financial implications and must be carefully monitored. 77% and 83% respectively are likely to have negative and positive feedback to impact purchase decisions.

So, the evidence keeps mounting and we see more golf brands and organizations embracing social media marketing strategies, but who is going to break out of the pack like Ford in automotive or Best Buy in retailing to grow business in social media?

Titleist is hiring a online community, so watch them. See Part 1 post of this study for more insights.   

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