6 Findings Show Social Media Gaining in Golf Business, Part 1

6 Findings Show Social Media Gaining in Golf Business, Part 1

Social media in golf is gaining momentum, according to a National Golf Foundation study of golfer's Web 2.0 activity completed in April 2010.

NGF revealed these interesting top-line stats about core golfers (those 18+ years who play a minimum of 8 rounds and average 37 rounds annually):  

o 74 % of core golfers researched golf equipment online in last year.

Image Word-of-moutho 3.7M regularly read blogs about brands, courses and travel.

o 60% maintain a social network profile.

o 26% have 100+ contacts on social networks.

o 6.9M visit their primary social network page at least weekly.

The study's six key findings about core golfers:

1. More engaged with Web 2.0 than the general population and it's growing.

2. Well connected and active users of social network sites.

3. They trust user generated and are clearly influenced by others.

4. Word of mouth (see McKinsey Report insights) has financial implications and must be carefully monitored.

5. Overwhelming preference for e-mail as means to stay connected.

6. Mobile is not yet a major factor.

Golf brands and organizations will benefit from interpreting and acting on the first four findings, and I will offer more details in a Part 2 post tomorrow.  

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