Four Powerful Steps for Creating Social Media Content

Four Powerful Steps for Creating Social Media Content

We can drive brand exposure, thought leadership, credibility and purchase decisions with compelling and relevant social media content.

So how do we get good content? I'm a huge fan of Jay Baer who says that we can create powerful content through these four simple and effective steps:

Image Detective1. Become a question detective — find out what questions your customer wants answered by asking him, prospects and even influencers. Ask website visitors and study your web analytics to see what pages get the most traffic. Check keyword searches. Some golf questions could be: how can I play better golf, where can I play this weekend, what website or retailer has best deals, who knows a good teacher, what's a challenging course, where can we eat after golf, what course and grill will impress my clients? You get it.

2.Become the answer man with your blog and video –discover the top 6 questions, dedicate a blog post to each one. That's customer generated content and that's what I told my teaching pro and the consultant friend who stopped me in Starbucks to ask "how do I get started in social media?" It can be as simple, compelling and relevant as "how to" questions. See the now iconic Blendtec "Will it Blend?" 

3. Become a digital dandelion with your content spread that content everywhere — LinkedIn (across all your groups), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. 

4. Become better and expand – invite customers to comment, spread the content in e-newsletters and emails, commit to answering more questions. Now go to your social listening tools and find blog posts, tweets, forum threads, etc., and direct "fence sitters" to your answers on your blog or website.

Jay, thanks for those short and sweet content steps. They work. Finally, I love name of Jay's blog — "Convince and Convert."  Says it all, in any marketing strategy, right?

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  • Thanks very much guys. Glad I could help. My Dad would be so delighted to have me linked from a golf-related blog! He’s 67, and still plays to about a 12. I’m lapsed, but will return to the game someday (when I’m not writing blog posts all the time)!
    BTW, great job on the “Books We Like” section. Excellent list.

  • Hi Jay,
    My pleasure. We need you back in golf. Congrats to your Dad. He would take me on the course. Really enjoy your thinking. Keep it coming. Thanks for your compliments on my books list. When is your book out? Have a terrific day!

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