Five Steps To Build A Brand’s Social Media Content

Five Steps To Build A Brand’s Social Media Content

We all know that creating social media content takes time. But it may not take as much time as you think.

You can save time by not reinventing content for every social media platform. I think Jay Baer has a powerful strategy, suggesting that you build a social content ladder.

The five rungs on his ladder are using key search words, seeking content inspiration, understanding posts frequency, testing and tracking, and re-purposing and tweaking. His best advice:

1. Social content creation and promotion should include specific, relevant keywords and search phrases often, especially since Google and Bing now include social content in their real-time searches.

2. Powerful content is more then status updates. Search your keywords in Google, Bing, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and SocialMention to see and evaluate the content in photos, video, etc. This will inspire your content.

Image Social-content-ladder3. Know how often you need to post. Baer suggests: Twitter 5x/day, Facebook 2x/day, blog 3x/week and email 1x/week. If you create you own integrated frequency, you can see how posts relate.

4. Content that is powerful on the first rung of your ladder can be appropriately tweaked and reused on the second rung.

5. When you see how social platforms work together at the content level, you can develop meaningful efficiencies and work relevant content up and down the ladder. 

This ladder and its efficiencies will allow golfer marketers and brands to fully optimize their social media strategies.  

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