Top Golf Brands On Facebook & Twitter, Clueless?

How are golf brands taking advantage of social media marketing?

Here's a review of top golf brands Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

Note, some brands like Titleist and Ping have supplemental Tour social network sites, but only branded sites are included here. Also some brands such as Bridgestone are hosting special promotion pages like BoomIt Golf. That's a nice compelling and engaging touch.

Conclusions? Some major brands get it and have generated respectable numbers, but others seem to be clueless.

Brand Fans & Followers Facebook Fans Twitter Followers
Nike 133,700 14,700
Titleist 45,600 8,900
Callaway 18,700 7,400
Taylor 17,900 5,000
Ping 4,600 1,700
Adams 3,900 NA
Bridgestone 1,800 800
Mizuno 1,100 NA
Tour Edge NA 1,200

Clueless, means missing opportunities as golfers talk and talk about equipment, instruction and travel, etc. In a cursory check, Facebook list 44,000 results when searched for golf and Twitter has 12 golf equipment tweets in last two minutes as of this posting.  

Recent studies show that consumers follow social referrals and Twitter shows more engagement

The National Golf Foundation is updating its 2009 golfers social technologies study at next week's Symposium.

You can expect that golfers' social technologies' usage will be up, so golf brands need to stop being clueless and get connected, conversing, caring and converting customers through Facebook, Twitter and a host of other social network sites.

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