Here’s What Social Media Users Want

Here’s What Social Media Users Want

Twitter is for news, MySpace is for games and entertainment, Facebook fans want news and community and Digg's audience is a variety of interests.

That's the latest social media research from online ad network Chitika, who intended to analyze interests of those Twitter, Facebook, Digg and MySpace users by comparing what genre of sites receive traffic from these social networks. About 287,000 impressions comprised the report.

Based on this research, each social site has a unique makeup of users with special tastes. The graphics breaks down the results.

The top 5 genres receiving traffic from each site is as follows:

Facebook Twitter Digg MySpace
News News Celeb/Entertainment Video Games
Community Celeb/Entertainment News Celeb/Entertainment
How-To/DIY Tech Video Games Business/Law
Shopping Movies Tech Tech
Celeb/Entertainment How-To/DIY How-To/DIY Community

Image Social-Sites-Traffic-by-Gen

This research will show golf brands and marketers the value in Twitter and Facebook as they release news and generate discussions about the Tour, new products, research, ads and promotions. They also should consider the merits of MySpace and Digg in reaching the varied interests of golfers.

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