6 Social & Mainstream Media Trends To Watch

6 Social & Mainstream Media Trends To Watch

As social and mainstream media continue to transform, you will find these trend reports useful as you create marketing strategies:

o Core golfers (88%) use social media several times a day, National Golf Foundation. NGF

o Facebook has surpassed Google as the leading search site Experian.

Image Huge_22_114846o Consumer are using a variety of social media sites to get news, learnhow tos, create communities, talk about brands and follow celebrity users Chitika.

o News consumption is a socially-engaging and socially-driven activity, especially online, and participationis through sharing rather than contributing news Pew Center.

o Global time on social media sites is soaring; up 82% Nielsen.

o Fortune and Inc. 500 companies are increasing their social media engagement UMass.

They certainly show the increasing, unstoppable evolution of mainstream and social media, and the sustaining, urgent and important value and opportunities for enterprising golf brands.

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