10 Strong Guidelines for Leadership

What is leadership? Many of us have experienced good, powerful leaders. Regretfully, we've also experienced those who aren't good leaders.

Recently, I read these valuable guidelines for good leadership from the famous General Electric CEO Jack Welch which were featured in his book Straight From The Gut:

  1. Integrity – do not have two agendas, there is only one way, the straight way.
  2. Setting a tone – the leader's intensity determines the organization's intensity.
  3. Maximizing the organization's intellect – be open and spread goodwill.
  4. People first, strategy second – great strategies need great leaders.
  5. Informality – make sure everyone counts. Titles do not matter.
  6. Self-confidence – have the courage to be open. Be comfortable in your own skin.
  7. Passion – intensity covers sins. Leaders care.
  8. Stretch – reach for more than you thought possible.
  9. Celebrations – energize your organization. Be sure teams have fun accomplishing goals.
  10. Appraisals all the time – everyone knows where she or he stands.

My favorites are stretching, integrity and setting the tone. I know all these powerful guidelines will add to your leadership assets.

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