Let’s Get Blogging & How to Do So Successfully

After counseling clients on the power of, and how to, develop a blogging strategy, we plan to practice what we preach and will start a blog in the coming month. This Enterprise begins a discussion about blogging, its values, issues to address and the fundamentals.

First, the values of blogging are powerful:

  • Cost efficient way to publish news immediately
  • Builds and manages reputation
  • Macali Enterprise article image – circles of networking
  • Produces higher search engine rankings
  • Establishes authority and expertise
  • Reinforces relationships with customers and influencers
  • Markets services virally
  • Empowers word of mouth marketing
  • Engages customers and influencers in dialogue

Once, you know the values of blogging, it will be important to address these issues before you start:

  • Goal of your blog
  • Who will write and who will manage
  • Blogging guidelines and company blogging rules
  • Business results to expect
  • Cost estimates and logistics to manage blog
  • Unveil test blog with live demo
  • Easy next steps to launch

When those issues are resolved, I would recommend that you follow these blog fundamentals:

  • Pick the right topic (sometimes controversial) that will interest your audience and trigger discussion
  • Use the right voice (think about writing an email to a friend)
  • Invite a conversation and manage responses by using a “control” delay or “submission” word
  • Package the content in easy-to-read formats (e.g. 10 tips, 5 rules, 7 ways)
  • Always link to other credible sources to build your network and search engine rankings
  • Write for Web readers and Google searchers using white space, pithy subheads, bullets, and short paragraphs
  • Publish consistently, and ideally two or three times weekly

Ok, ready for a breather? In the upcoming newsletter and blog, we will talk about the next important blog topics of promotion, measurement, tracking comments and feedback. I am excited to write my blog, and showing you how blogging can build your business.