Adversity Breeds Success With Straight-A Strategy

Adversity Breeds Success With Straight-A Strategy

Business is improving, but this new normal of tougher and more extensive sales cycles and challenging budgets has taught us that we need new strategies to deal with adversity and better develop our business and ourselves.

I found inspiration in this book — The Adversity Paradox: An Unconventional Guide to Achieving Uncommon Business Success by J. Barry Griswell, Horatio Alger Award Winner and Chairman of the Principal Financial Group, and senior management expert Bob Jennings.

The book’s main point is that adversity can be a teacher about and motivator for success. There is no better time than now to appreciate the value of overcoming adversity.

Among many of the book’s great ideas and insights, the authors propose a straight-A strategy for dealing with adversity, which includes acceptance, analysis, approach and right attitude. They then suggest tackling the process of self-improvement with a general dose of “and then some.”

Here’s more detail about their short, simple and powerful straight-A strategies:

  1. Accept whatever hardship has come your way. It’s tempting to avoid responsibility or negative consequences, but you won’t get anywhere with denial.
  2. Analyze the situation so you can determine how to prevent the same mistake and so you can learn everything possible.
  3. Approach the challenge with the right attitude, a positive frame of mind, and with the intent to make adversity your friend.
  4. And then some – harness the power of this strategy of doing the extra work that will differentiate and improve you.

How’s that for simple and powerful approach to facing down and gaining from adversity?

Use adversity to evaluate and improve your marketing and all aspects of your organization.

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