The 7 Key Elements of The Client’s Purchase Decision Journey

The 7 Key Elements of The Client’s Purchase Decision Journey

There are seven elements of a client’s purchase decision journey.

That’s the wisdom of successful business development experts Tom McMackin and Doug Fletcher in their new How Clients Buy.

Interestingly, those who succeed using these elements aren’t focused on sales and all. They concentrate on fostering a trustworthy sales environment deploying the seven elements:

  1. Prospective clients become aware of your existence. This might be from an introduction from a friend, an article you wrote, or because they met you at a conference.
  2. They come to understand what you do and how you are unique. They can articulate what you do clearly to others.
  3. They develop an interest in you and your firm. They have goals, set by themselves or others, and they can see how what you do might be useful in their efforts to realize those goals. What you do is relevant.
  4. They respect your work and are filled with confidence that you can help. They look to your track record, to their peers, and to a variety of social clues to determine if you are credible and likely to move the needle on their goals.
  5. They trust you and are confident you will have their best interests at heart.
  6. They have the ability to pull the trigger, meaning they are in a position to corral the money and organizational support needed to buy from you.
  7. They are ready to do something. The timing is right inside the organization, and they have the headspace to manage you.

I luckily found How Clients Buy while headed to my flight at O’Hare. I love discovering such a practical and powerful gem while traveling.

Tom and Doug have some amazing professional services selling street cred. Tom is CEO of  Profitable Ideas Exchange, a premier provider of business development services for consulting and professional services firms. Doug speaks, rights and coaches on the similar topic while teaching at the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Montana State University.

The valuable advice offered in this book comes from dozens of interviews with senior professionals working in a wide range of consulting and professional services including law, accounting, investment banking, commercial real estate, and management consulting (strategy, advertising and HR).

It also comes from a review of existing literature, both academic and popular, about business development for consulting and professional services. And finally, it also reflects their robust and hearty collective experience in management consulting and business services for 50 years.

What elements to you to influence your client’s purchase decision journey?

Want to learn how to get better at this? Take this brief assessment and let’s set up a conversation soon. Look forward to getting you going and growing.


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