STAR System Is Today’s Powerful Marketing Asset

STAR System Is Today’s Powerful Marketing Asset

Without a marketing system, your growth is stymied.

Many companies and brands feel that marketing is too chaotic and confusing today.

So, they typically shy away from marketing because they don’t know where to start. As an alternative, they resort to selling harder and growing becomes harder, trust me.

Here’s a simple and powerful STAR marketing system in five steps – story, storytelling, conversation, listening and measuring. It will get your marketing up and running fast and business growing:

  1. Story – consider what your customers need and WANT to know, understand, trust and VALUE about your brand, products and
    services. Your story should concentrate on what will differentiate you, resonate with and motivate customers to act. Get this right and avoid failing product introductions, being ignored by influencers and industry experts and missing opportunities to impress and sell in products to traditional and online retailers.
  2. Storytelling – recognize and appreciate the channels where you customers go for information and deliver your story in a timely and provocative way. Remember traditional channels like publicity, speeches, trade shows, emails and advertising can have TWO ADVANTAGES besides building awareness and credibility: 1) provide more content for your site and other channels and 2) drive more traffic to them. Content marketing, influencer marketing and social media marketing should be seriously considered when you evaluate your story and channels’ best ROI. In your storytelling, be sure to educate, inform, engage and entertain, as appropriate. Want to GO DEEP on channel selection, checkout this spreadsheet. LOVE IT. If you miss on effective storytelling, you WASTE money and face more PRESSURE to produce and then chaos and confusion reign.
  3. Conversation — nothing is worse than the sounds of crickets around your brand or product. So, when your story is conceived and released, you must STIMULATE AND ENGAGE in conversation around it. Know what prompts conversation – novelty, timeliness, prominence, proximity and impact are few drivers. Conversation is about sharing so think about how your conversation advises, amuses, gives (offers), warns, inspires and unites your customers. Build conversation or you will hear no buzz, face irrelevance and fall far behind even inferior brands that have engaged customers more effectively.  
  4. Listening – there is no worse way to fail than missing and even ignoring the market’s rapid, evolving trends and evolution by not listening CONSISTENTLY and regularly to the market and your customers. There are numerous ways to do this online and even through traditional customer service calls tracking, website queries and satisfaction surveys. Chances are your listening strategy is failing in these ways. Successful listening relates to measures described in step 5 below but have hot buttons readied to monitor like these within your company, brand and market. Here’s review of top of listening tools that is organized by needs and business size. Look at this list of free monitoring tools.
  5. Measuring – if you can’t measure it, why do it, the adage goes? And if you can’t assess failure or success, you will: 1) spend money on POWERLESS solutions and 2) your marketing will be deemed USELESS and unfunded. I suggest using impact fundamentals like sales and distribution growth, attitude and behavior change, traffic and lead generation, relevance, premium pricing, awareness, consideration and conversation. And focus on these results questions to guide your measuring step.

So, that’s simple enough to get started, and remember only bite off what you can chew. As I say, you should strive for EXCELLENCE, not obsess about perfection.

What’s your simple marketing system to get your marketing going and stay on track?

Want to get your marketing producing and getting your sales soaring? Take this simple and powerful assessment and let’s start a conversation. 

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