15 Questions Inspire Marketing Success

15 Questions Inspire Marketing Success

Inspired and successful marketing is discovering more about your customers and their interests and fears. It’s also about their willingness and ability to change and how to change their customers’ attitudes and behaviors.

That’s an insight gained from Seth Godin’s simple and powerful new book This is Marketing. Love the subtitle. You can’t be seen until you learn to see.


As you may know, Seth is the author of 18 bestsellers including Permission Marketing, Purple Cow, Tribes, The Dip and Poke The Box. Permission and Cow are my favorites and all educational and inspiring reads. Ready to catch up Tribes And The Dip.

This is Marketing includes Seth’s simple marketing worksheet. I know you will benefit from these 15 questions that make up his worksheet. I added the 15th for fun and curiosity:

  1. Who is it (product) for?
  2. What’s it for?
  3. What is the worldview of the audience you’re seeking to reach? Worldview is the way person acts without you in the room.
  4. What are they afraid of?
  5. What story will you tell?
  6. Is the story true?
  7. What change are you seeking to make?
  8. How will it change their status?
  9. How will you reach the early adopters and neophiliacs?
  10. Why will they tell their friends?
  11. What will they tell their friends?
  12. Where’s the network effect that will propel this forward?
  13. What asset are you building?
  14. Are you proud of it?
  15. What are you proud of it?

Seth’s advice is always, inspiring, simple, relevant and damn powerful especially in times when we can make marketing and business way too complicated and gradually ineffective.

What questions mean the most to you and will you use in your marketing?

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