Marketing Arrogance or Ignorance Stalls Growth

Marketing Arrogance or Ignorance Stalls Growth

Being rude to and disengaged with your customers and prospects can be the beginning of the end to that relationship.

What got me thinking about this?

A friend was stunned that at her wedding RSVP deadline, only 30% of the guests had sent RSVPs. That’s not 30% has said no; that’s only 70% who said yes.

So, I wondered is this ignorance or arrogance and are business leaders just as ignorant or arrogant in their marketing?

It’s a fine line between the two as marketers seem to be smug and even worse clueless in their marketing initiatives, particularly when they:

  1. Don’t have a system to respond and engage with customers.
  2. Force the customer to begin the customer journey alone.
  3. Make up their customer buyer personas on the fly.
  4. Don’t know what works and when it works.
  5. Skirt marketing because have enough customers.
  6. Resist user-generated ideas and content because users don’t get us.
  7. Depreciate the value of the customer experience.
  8. Insist marketing doesn’t work; only product innovations do.
  9. Surrender as marketing takes too long to produce results.
  10. Noone can come close to our product and service.

If you want to become more informed about what might make you ignorant or arrogant about your marketing and get you on a better success and growth path, take this assessment.

So how you become ignorant or arrogant about in your marketing?

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