When Stubborn Marketing Works And Doesn’t Work

When Stubborn Marketing Works And Doesn’t Work

A business leader of a legendary and dominant brand told me recently that he prefers being “stubborn” in his business deals.

I appreciate (and even insist) that business leaders be true to themselves and their company and brand values.

But in today’s hyper-speed business world, stubborn can work and not work, especially in marketing.

Here’s how I view this from my modern STAR marketing system and its five points of Story, Storytelling, Conversation, Listening and Measuring.

Be stubborn with:

  • Story – it needs to resonate (get emotional and tug at heart) and be relevant to customers today, tomorrow and beyond. If not, you will miss your chance to impress and ultimately sell. So, be attentive to adapting your story when the market and buyers’ minds and actions shift.
  • Storytelling – be focused and committed to channels you use and assure that your targets are there consuming and acting on your story. If not, you will waste time and money on poor channel strategies and breed more pressure to produce with less ROI and more marketing chaos and confusion.
  • Conversation – you must engage conversation, good or bad. Silence isn’t golden. As I have talked before, your brand is your conversation. If you don’t drive or actively engage conversation, you will face irrelevance, generate no buzz and eventually be left behind and out of business.

Don’t be stubborn with:

  • Listening – use tools and technologies to listen actively to the market. If you don’t, you will risk missing a market’s fast evolving trends. You essentially become myopic, clueless and your products or services miss customers’ expectations and either never make it on the shelves or in shopping carts and risk being dumped completely by store and on-line retailers. Use these smart listening tools.
  • Measuring – this is rather obvious right? But many companies and brands still work on “feel” or what the sales team or customer service team is telling them. There’s validity there, but objective and real-time measures and insights are so invaluable. When you can’t assess success or failure, you spend money on powerless marketing solutions and eventually you stop marketing because you “feel” rather than “know.” Keep it simple by using these 5 key metrics of marketing effectiveness.

When does “stubborn” work and not work in your marketing and business?

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