11 Growth Reasons To Celebrate Business Anniversaries

11 Growth Reasons To Celebrate Business Anniversaries

Business leaders who are skeptical about the value of celebrating a company or brand anniversary can benefit from reconsidering their thinking.

When celebrating an anniversary comes up in a client or prospect conversation, I usually get reactions like:

  1. That’s just patting ourselves on the back.
  2. That won’t help get more sales.
  3. That will distract our sales and marketing team.
  4. Nobody cares but us.

That maybe seem right, so I usually ask how they are currently:

  1. Energizing their brand or company in the marketplace?
  2. Expanding their exposure to new prospects and influencers?
  3. Creating new and relevant content that informs and educates about their solutions.
  4. Reinforcing trust in their brand or company’s ability to delivering solutions?
  5. Getting in front of new prospects with an updated and compelling story?
  6. Renewing their company and brand values with their team and partners?
  7. Deepening their clients and prospects appreciation for their brand and company values?
  8. Inspiring their team to feel proud about and dedicated to their work and product(s)?
  9. Engaging, exciting and expanding their brand or company community?
  10. Building or forging new relationships with public officials regulating their business?
  11. Promoting their corporate culture and accomplishments to attract quality talent?

Some leaders have answers and some of those questions might not pertain to them.

But the reality is that few other company or brand marketing and communications initiatives help accomplish all these objectives better than an important anniversary.

This is especially powerful as fewer and fewer companies can claim long life spans. Recent research, reported in Forbes and based on science, shows that the average lifespan of a company is 10 years. And 96% of-businesses fail within 10 years.

So, if you are over 10 years old, you have reason to celebrate. In fact, an anniversary allows you to follow these 20 steps for a successful business. Additionally, renowned business authority Jim Collins believes that lasting endurance is one of the three tests of “greatness.”

“A truly great organization prospers over a long period of time, beyond any great idea, market opportunity, technology cycle, or well-funded program. When clobbered by setbacks, it finds a way to bounce back stronger than before.”

 Are you sold yet?

And wondering what you can do to celebrate your anniversary? The strategies and tactics can be as large as you like. Here are some effective ideas:

  1. Identify the customer-centric message to promote the importance and value of your anniversary – innovation, service, performance, quality, etc.
  2. Develop an anniversary logo to revitalize your identity and promote your anniversary.
  3. Create sales and marketing stories that reinforce your solutions and longstanding and unwavering commitment to customers’ success. Feature these on your site and all channels.
  4. Engage your community and expand it on and offline demonstrating how your anniversary has unique impact and benefits for them.
  5. Build exposure through mainstream and new social channels.
  6. Update your website and be sure to feature your team and customer stories about your innovation and superior products, solutions and service.
  7. Honor your longest standing customers and remind them of your business promises and your fulfillment.
  8. Enlist and inspire employees to tell and embrace your special anniversary and its relevance to them and your customers, partners and colleagues. Honor those with longest tenure.
  9. Donate to your teams, community or customers’ special causes that demonstrate your benevolence beyond business and salutes anniversary.
  10. Gift your customers with something simple and memorable that reflects your difference and values your long-term relationship. Do the same with your team and valued partners.
  11. Reconnect with former prospects or customers and refresh their impressions about you and your success stories with similar businesses.
  12. Stage celebration event(s) for your team and valued customers rallying around your brand and company values.

Still skeptical about anniversary celebrations?

Well, I hope your competition doesn’t use their anniversary strategically and gain an edge in your market.

So how can you use your anniversary to grow your company and brand? 



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