The Switch That Improves Marketing Impact

The Switch That Improves Marketing Impact

Most marketing strategies look great on paper. But in the live, fast-paced and competitive marketplace; the strategies fall apart and don’t improve marketing impact (sales, share, distribution, perceptions, etc.) And then marketers panic.

Many companies and brands could benefit from The Switch, the four-step process that an accomplished sports psychologist uses with world-class athletes, business professionals and organizations to improve their performance.

Dr. Brett McCabe’s idea is a mental switch in competition that balances the challenges of the moment and competition and embraces the uncertainty. The Switch works in sports and will work in creating and executing effective marketing strategies.

Bhrett is a practicing sports and performance psychologist who works with numerous athletes from the PGA and LPGA Tours, NFL, NBA and MMA. He also serves as the sports and performance psychologist for the University of Alabama Athletic Department.

Bhrett recently wrote The MindSide Manifesto: The Urgency to Create a Competitive Mindset in order to help athletes, coaches, and leaders compete to the best of their ability.

The four steps to making The Switch and how I feel it applies to successful marketing strategies:

  1. Abandon the need for validation and ultimately embrace the challenge of competition. Not everyone in your organization is going to appreciate the marketing strategies you choose. Some will argue for traditional media and some will favor social media or anything other than what you knowledgably recommend. Realistically, you’re going to need to create and defend a variety of strategies, depending on your target buyer and market situation. One size doesn’t fit all. When you surrender marketing control to a sales manager, R&D leader, controller or operations leader; your marketing results will not produce impact based on the thoughtful work you’ve done to create them.
  2. Learn to accept the fact that the outcome is always uncertain, and to instead invest in the process to achieve the desired outcome. The results of your marketing initiatives are not certain. As sales guru David Sandler says, in the sales process, you can only control the behavior and not the results. Many athletes and marketers try to control the outcomes because they’re trying to prevent a negative outcome as though they are not capable of handling the bad as well as the good outcome. In today’s marketing, there is plenty of opportunity to evolve your buyers’ personas, track your customer journey and touchpoints. And marketers have so many tools to get feedback on their marketing initiatives.
  3. Compete with the present focus. The single most important question you can ask yourself is, “what is important now?” When you ignore the need for validation and focus on outcomes, you can implement your strategy with present focus. You can accept the things you’ve done in the past, you know the future is uncertain; but the only thing that matters is now. If you’ve been successful in every marketing initiative up till now, the current effort doesn’t know the difference. You will succeed if you meet the demands of this marketing strategy initiative right here, right now, with all the resources aligned to meet that goal.
  4. Use tools creatively. It’s how you apply the tools that really matters. Think of the master carpenter whose brilliance comes from being able to take any tool in the toolbox and use it not only for what it is intended, but for a variety of other functions. Outstanding craftsmen learn to use tools to do whatever they need to do to get the job done. They aren’t limited to a tool’s stated or primary purpose. Don’t get stuck trying to apply a strategy or technique in a strictly literal sense. You will benefit from having the mindful flexibility to apply marketing tools in new ways. You will be looking for alternative options and thinking outside the box, because if you don’t you’re going to be very limited when you try to apply your marketing strategy. And its impact will be compromised.

The Switch offers powerful sports as well as marketing performance strategies and actionable steps for improvement your mindset.

How can you use The Switch to ensure the success of your marketing?


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