The Asking Formula Gets What You Want

The Asking Formula Gets What You Want

Trust me, the asking formula gets what you want from various constituents including customers, influencers, employees, vendors, partners and even your kids.

  • Big, exciting and rewarding projects.
  • Endorsements of your product or service.
  • Team dedication and devotion to your company’s mission and success.
  • Seamless, efficient and effective working relationships.
  • Best service, product quality, pricing and profits.
  • Clean family room after your son’s buddies come over.

Then start using The Asking Formula, a simple and potent system created by John Baker and presented in his book – The Asking Formula – Ask For What You Want And Get It.

The book is an insightful and inspirational fable about a window washer teaching his consultant customer how to take a new and success approach – his Asking Formula. My coach Julie Colbrese of Hot Coffee Coaching recommended and gave me my copy of the book. Thanks, Julie.

It makes so much sense that I have begun using the formula it when planning and conducting new business and current client meetings, and in many other personal and professional occasions. And practicing it will make it perfect. AND it is a flexible formula to match any challenge or opportunity.

The Asking Formula is as simple as these six steps and here are my relative business answers:

  1. Know What You Want – to be your trusted source for marketing.
  2. Ask I am asking to be your marketing coach, strategist and consultant.
  3. Show – case studies, testimonials and an initial assessment. I ASK lots of questions rather than present features and benefits.
  4. Best Reasons
  • I have been in your shoes facing marketing chaos.
  • I now have marketing clarity and confidence.
  • I have seen a lot and can get success fast in any industry.
  • I consider your problem as personal to you.
  • I have no preconceived solutions or cookie cutter approaches.
  2. Share
  • I, not a huge and faceless conglomerate, work for you.
  • I make the decisions.
  • I own your problem and solutions.
  • I am not finished until you are satisfied.
  • I start with a simple, no-frills conversation to see if we fit.
  • If there’s no fit now, I move on.
  • You will enjoy working with me.
  • I am honest, always curious, fair and relentless in attaining success.

Can you imagine using this formula in your content, influencer, digital and social media marketing? I will explore that throughout the year.

So, can The Asking Formula be simpler and how can you use it to get what you want for your business?

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