Passionate Attitude And Behavior Drive Marketing Strategy  Success

Passionate Attitude And Behavior Drive Marketing Strategy Success

Passionate attitude and behaviors drive marketing success.

I recently ran one of my Harmony strategy session, and I was so impressed with how easy and effective the session was.

It just flowed and produced powerful insights and ideas. The session felt like a jazz song, full of good grooves and riffs. The conversation and ideas were in harmony. Nice.

I wondered why this session was so different and invigorating. It became clear that the client and her behaviors and attitudes really made the difference, and stimulated a good dialogue and creative exchange.

The Harmony session is a two-hour conversation, ideation and collaboration meeting about marketing strategy and story. It features five components:

  1. Audience
  2. Walkaways – what want audiences to think, feel and do.
  3. Channels used to reach them.
  4. Great look like.
  5. Strategy and story.

This client made a difference because she brought these seven attitudes and behaviors to our meeting:

  1. Vision – she knows and is invested in her organization’s vision and how it can succeed at its mission. She applies this vision to everything she witnesses and activates within the organization.
  2. Values – she encounters, embodies and embraces the values as she was a major beneficiary of the organization. So, she really walks the talk.
  3. Vigor – she approaches her role and responsibilities with energy and enthusiasm. Her passion is evident, pervasive and infectious.
  4. Vantage – her work takes her to the front lines and there is no better place to see the cause and effects of the organization and its communications. A mentor insisted that our marketing teams get out and work with the sales team and hear what retailers and customers were saying and doing.
  5. Valor – this client and her team are risk takers and willing to stretch their and the organization’s capabilities to build their brand.
  6. Vested ­– she and the organization are invested in her marketing and communications’ success and its importance to accomplishing its goals.
  7. Vigilance her team keeps up with current marketing and communications tools and technologies as well as with the team and news within the organization to expand exposure and build credibility.

With all this going for her, my client really helped things go smoothly and successfully in our Harmony session like she does with her marketing and communications initiatives and team.

So, what attitudes and behaviors are you bringing to ensure your marketing strategy success?

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