15 Persistent Marketing Pains

15 Persistent Marketing Pains

As Q2 gains steam, I see these persistent marketing pains among my clients and prospects:

  1. Frustrated that business is inconsistent and keeps going through unpredictable peaks and valleys.
  2. Upset that current marketing initiatives aren’t generating enough quality needs.
  3. Worried that they are lost about how to get started in marketing.
  4. Anxious that marketing tools and tactics are so confusing that they do nothing and lose sales and share.
  5. Unsure about marketing purpose and value within its business development strategy.
  6. Feel pressured with competition that gets more attention and engagement than them.
  7. Afraid they lack confidence about how to get into customers’ consideration system.
  8. Unhappy with current internal marketing team, structure, strategies or systems.
  9. Disgusted that external resources don’t get their business issues despite repeated direction.
  10. Uncertain about what tools are most effective and efficient in today’s marketing world.
  11. Disappointed that have lots of under-performing marketing assets.
  12. Concerned that our team is clueless about latest effective strategies and tools.
  13. Nervous about investing more money in ineffective solutions.
  14. Worried about inconsistent partners whose staff always changes.
  15. Anxious about inexperienced and clueless teams servicing their business.

Now, those frustrations have some overlapping there, and they are prevalent across the board.

To help address these frustrations, clients and prospects can benefit from a simple assessment that looks at four things:

  1. Strategy
  2. Structure
  3. Systems
  4. Staff

I find that a survey like this can help you focus and begin to deal with these lingering pains.

And here’s what’s cool, you can engage an expert to help you with levels of engagement like coaching, strategist or partner, who can help guide you efforts, shape and execute your initiatives and take over the marketing function.

What marketing frustrations are you facing and how are you addressing them?


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