Jalen Rose And A Marketing Success Formula In 4 Simple Steps REALLY

Jalen Rose And A Marketing Success Formula In 4 Simple Steps REALLY

Former Michigan Fab Fiver and NBA Star and now ESPN talent Jalen Rose inspired this post when I heard him talking about people, relationships and teams on ESPN.

Jalen said that in the life and sports that you have the potential to:

  1. Add
  2. Subtract
  3. Multiply
  4. Divide

That’s simple math and powerful marketing advice in what I call Jalen Rose-inspired marketing success formula:

  1. Add – when you create a story based on your product or service’s ability to address a customer’s need or offer a special solution. You add more value through informative and educational content and devoted conversation and excellent customer service. This helps customers understand and appreciate your unique offering and builds loyalty.
  2. Subtract – when your story is confusing and your rapport with customers is disorganized and connections are irregular and inconsistent. You bombard customers and influencers with features and benefits and you never inform, educate and even entertain You miss the chance to impress and then sell your customers. This is classic brand disengagement.
  3. Multiply – when you create forums and communities in which your customers are motivated to have conversations with you and fellow users, they eventually become advocates and allies. You also encourage and engage with influencers who become your brand ambassadors. You listen to your customers and collaborate with them on product and service enhancements that build your market share.
  4. Divide – when you ignore your customers and influencers especially in times of crisis or decline. Chances are you broke those bonds a while ago, and you didn’t dig your well before you were thirsty. So, you face irrelevance and there is no buzz about your product or service. This is the beginning of business erosion.

Thanks, Jalen.

How are you using this simple and powerful formula to grow your customer engagement and business?


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